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Boat/Engine Winterization Service

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Covered Winter Storage

Protect your investment!  We recommend that all boats and personal watercraft be winterized before October 15th.  Of course, we continue to perform winterizations after this date for those of you who love the cold water!

"Most Often Heard Excuses"

"I Can't afford to winterize".  You can't afford not to!  Every year we see several customers who end up spending thousands of dollars to repair damage caused by lack of proper, professional winterization.

"I don't need to winterize.  I store my boat in a heated facility".  Here in SC, when it freezes, we get ice.  Then we lose power.  Does your heat work without power???

"I'll do it myself... I just drain the block".  Draining the block is very critical, but is only a very small portion of proper winterization.  Here, we treat the fuel system to help prevent fuel degredation and gel, fog the engine, and depending on the level of service requested, change fluids, filters, grease and service the vessel for use next year**.

** Most PWC's (and some inboards with points ignition) must be returned for service in the spring.